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Shashlyk season comes.

If you are still inexperienced in this case but want to delight yourself and your loved ones with a tasty and juicy barbecue in the wild, be aware of the advice of experienced chefs. The first thing to start a kebab is fresh, high quality meat. Agree if, in the gender selection step, discomfort occurs, everything goes down the drain. There is no great science in choosing the right meat for kebabs. Just be aware of such features as: color, surface, moisture, odor, fat, elasticity. Let's sort everything in order.


Fresh beef is a bright red color, pork is pink, veal is also pink, but more tender, fresh lamb resembles beef in color, but a darker shade.


Pinkish dried crust is allowed on meat, but on the surface of the piece there should be no stains or other defects.


Attach to the piece of meat palm. If the meat is fresh, the palm remains almost dry.

The smell

An unpleasant smell is a bright signal that the meat is outdated. Chefs have a famous meat freshness test. You must pierce the piece with a heated knife and smell the cutter.


The fat on the meat must be white and on the lamb – pale cream color.


Push down on the piece. Fresh meat is elastic and the place you pressed is quickly smoothed.

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