How to buy a Hitachi refrigerator and get free items

When you buy a Hitachi refrigerator, you can get a 300,000 soum certificate for purchase at the supermarket.

Dear friends! In connection with the increased interest in the action and on the eve of the New Year's holiday, Hitachi extends its promotion to 31 December.

Only until the end of December is a special offer valid: When you buy a Hitachi refrigerator, each customer receives a certificate of 300,000 soums for purchase at the supermarket.

Buying home appliances is a crucial step as it involves significant expenses. Studies have identified several major reasons for the acquisition of technology.

Creating a new family and the need to provide everything needed. Upgrading of obsolete technology. Breakdown of existing and need to replace. Aesthetic need, replacement with new items.

Whatever the reason, the choice must be strictly adhered to.

This article will discuss what to look for when choosing a refrigerator with the example of the Hitachi tag.

Since its inception in the 20th century, the company has gained recognition and global success and is currently the site of one of the leading global manufacturers of technological equipment. The name Hitachi literally means "dawn", reflecting the company's main philosophy – helping people and communities through its technologies. Once you have decided the volume of the refrigerator, based on the number of people in the family, be aware of the following:

energy efficiency and widespread use of modern energy-saving technologies; cooling system, air distribution and defrosting method; freeze positioning ergonomics and ease of use; space, shelves for storing various products; case material; Additional features such as electronic control, antibacterial coating or filters that maintain some humidity.

Energy efficiency depends on many indicators, but is primarily achieved by using inverter technology in the compressor – the heart of the refrigerator – and also because of:

innovative thermal insulation solutions and materials; intelligent distribution of coolant flow, which is important for optimum cooling without high energy consumption.

Today, many manufacturers equip inverters with refrigerators, but it is Hitachi, one of the world's leading leaders in the production of powerful and compact compressors.

The Hitachi range of refrigerators is equipped with a combination of three innovative technologies: a compact and powerful inverter compressor, Dual Fan Cooling – separate fans for refrigerators and freezers, and an innovative thermal insulation system using vacuum insulation panels.

The Dual Fan Cooling system enables independent cooling of the refrigerator and freezer, which is not possible with a single fan. This saves energy, the device produces less noise, and also reduces the risk of breakage, making such a device more cost effective and practical.

Vacuum insulation panels with a thickness of 1 cm have the same thermal insulation properties as 11 cm polyurethane foam, which is the most common material for thermal insulation of refrigerators.

Combining these three technologies, Hitachi refrigerators are advanced to energy efficiency among this class of products.

The location of the freezer in the bottom is more convenient because this space is used much less frequently than it cooled down. This means you don't have to bend again and you can quickly find the right products.

Practical use of shelves is equipped with the overall ergonomics.

Glass doors not only look very aesthetically pleasing, but point to the premium technology, but also protect against scratches and fading.

The built-in processor and electronic control, in addition to ease of use, also provide maximum performance with minimal energy consumption.

Nanotitan filter is a technology that uses advanced TiO2 catalyst to provide a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-form and deodorizing effect, preventing product destruction.

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