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On the cutting edge of Easter we have gathered the most important tips from culinary experts on how to make Easter cakes correctly.

Yeast dough for cakes cannot be laid in front of open windows. It doesn't like drafts and cold; Ingredients for Easter cakes should be at room temperature; Flour must be sifted; Opara rises perfectly if the bowl with her puts in hot but not hot water. The stock exchange must be covered by a towel; The dough must be kneaded for a long time, it must easily fall behind the hands; The cake will be fragrant if you add a small vanilla, nutmeg or rum to the dough; Of the nuts for the cake better suitable almonds and hazelnuts; If you hold a long wooden spear into it before baking the cake, it will be better baked; Put a bowl of water under the cake below, it becomes more tender; During baking of the cake one cannot open the oven; Glaze must be applied to the cooled cakes, otherwise it will crack.

Bright and delicious holiday for you!

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