Time is already running when many gardeners will start harvesting for the winter. Each gardener has their own recipes and techniques that they use throughout their lives.

But you've once heard that you can make harvesting tomatoes for the winter, which will retain their appearance and even taste.

Here, guests will be surprised when they put tomatoes on the table for New Year, which was grown in the garden in the summer and would give the impression that they are completely fresh.

The technique has been tested by many gardeners and it has proved effective in practice.

How to keep tomatoes fresh

The most important thing that everyone should understand is that there is no vinegar, salt or water in this recipe. Has the method already been astonished?

But do not be afraid, because this is how you can keep tomatoes fresh for several months without risk.

At the same time, the tomatoes remain fresh and resilient, so it seems they were pulled from the bed several hours ago.

Such a delicacy will surprise all guests and it is important for the host not to reveal secrets.

Cooking method

The most important thing is to choose the right tomatoes. They should be:

Small in size.

No different damage.



If a tomato does not match at least one parameter – its use must be abandoned.

What ingredients are needed

It is necessary to make the tomatoes, which correspond to the parameters (they are listed above) and mustard powder. A three-liter jar is probably 5 or 6 tablespoons, but it is better to buy it with a small margin, you never know.

cooking Process

The production of "fresh" tomatoes is as follows:

First of all, it is necessary to sterilize the banks. The method of sterilization all selects independently based on their preferences or requirements;

Then take a spoonful of mustard powder and place it in the bottom of a dry jar. And here it is important – the bank must be dry, the moisture does not allow to achieve the desired result;

need to put the tomatoes in a jar. And here it is important to keep the distance and their shape. For example, in no case should not press the tomatoes and destroy their proper shape;

When the first row of tomatoes is laid out, it is important to sprinkle it with mustard. The procedure must be repeated every time;

afterwards it is worth taking one or two tablespoons of mustard powder and pouring it on top;

Tighten the lid tightly so that the air does not fall into the middle.

And now the most important thing is to tilt the cane and gently roll the table.

It is necessary to make mustard evenly throughout the jar. Of course, the ideal will not work, but it is important to be careful and carefully roll the jar, remember that tomatoes do not lose their shape.

Why does it work?

After reading this method, many people immediately start asking many questions.

But it is not surprising, since there are essential oils in mustard, they suppress reproduction of putrefactive bacteria.

Thus, the tomatoes are kept fresh, but no more than six months. The method has been tested in practice, and the taste of tomatoes does not substantially vary from how it would have been picked from the garden.

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