Honey fair held in Tashkent

You can try to buy different types of honey and honey with interesting additives at the fair dedicated to Maslenitsa.

Are you going to bake pancakes on Maslenitsa? Honey will be a great topping!

In the mall Next Next is a honey fair that runs until February 18th. On it you can not only buy honey for us: lime, mountain, buckwheat, but also more interesting varieties of this sweetness.

At the show you will see honey with fruits – for example with orange or kiwi, with cranberry or lemon, with black chokeberry; honey with herbs and spices – thyme, oregano, cinnamon or ginger. And besides, you can all this treasure try to buy the one you need to taste. By the way, pensioners at the fair receive a 10% discount.

A similar fair had already taken place in December 2017, we went to it and wrote what we could expect from it and what kind of honey we saw and tried.

Chief editor of the blogJosh.