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Culinary art professionals shared the most annoying mistakes that can ruin even the perfect bowl.

What to Avoid in the Cooking Process:

1. Cut the meat so terribly. Just follow a simple rule: Cut the fibers! Knife is better to choose a sharp, thin and long. You should also not immediately start cooking, let the meat "breathe" for half an hour at room temperature.

2. Cook tomatoes with the rest of the vegetables. So you can cook for a very long time, and as a result you still get a half-cooked bowl of raw potatoes. Add tomatoes to the soup separately, so as not to waste time in vain.

3. strong fire for scrambled or scrambled eggs. Such a bowl will be half burnt and half raw. Before cooking, it is necessary to heat the pan slightly and then reduce the heat to medium level and then only add eggs.

4. Plenty of pizza filling Of course, homemade pizza should be different from the purchase. When you prepare yourself, many people make sin because they are exaggerating with stuffing. However, this can only spoil the dish, which, incidentally, will not be practical to eat at all.

5. Spread onions and carrots immediately. The golden rule is that first comes onions that are brought either to a transparent state or to a golden color (depending on what you are doing) and then the carrot is added.

6. Strong fire when cooking chicken. This procedure is easy to destroy the chicken. A strong fire is acceptable at the beginning – until the boil. Then it is reduced to a minimum and covers the pan with a lid.

7. Olive oil for frying. Nutritionists and doctors recommend switching to olive oil in all dishes, ranging from salads and ending with steaks. It is considered more beneficial not to increase cholesterol. However, many chefs believe that its specific flavor is not suitable for frying and loses its useful properties during heat treatment. So, according to experts, in this question it is better to remain on the classic version – vegetable oil.

8. Cold pan. Before cooking, the pan must always be heated.

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