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Shish kebab is perhaps the most popular meat dish of the summer.

People try to get out into the countryside to enjoy the fresh air and delicious food. However, barbecues can hardly be called healthy food: when you fry, harmful toxic substances that do not affect the human body in the best way can be released. Experts have compiled a list of recommendations to make the grill not only tasty, but also safe:

1. Do not eat non-stop: eat a portion – walked along the river, another – participated in active games.

2. Do not cook over an open fire. The meat should be at a decent distance from the charcoal.

3. Only pick fresh diet meat, and pick it yourself. When cooking kebabs, turn the skewer every minute: then bake the product evenly.

4. Fire in a natural way – with wood and matches. Do not buy ready-made charcoal and specialized liquids.

5. Drink more water with the meals. Do not try to drink alcohol. Otherwise, the body gets a double blow: alcohol is already very harmful.

6. Add more healthy vegetables to the bowl. Do not use kebabs with semi-finished meat products – sausage, sausages and other items.

7. Dismiss from the seductive crust – this is the most damaging part of kebab. For a healthy person, a safe serving of food is 200 grams.

8. Don't forget about scented fresh herbs. It will help simplify the digestive process. Avoid mayonnaise sauces for easier settings.

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