Experts have found in popular brands sour cream cream E

Experts analyzed five popular brands of cream from metropolitan supermarkets and identified violations in microbiology. It is stated that the content of hazardous substances is exceeded 300 times. Products for the study were purchased in the stores "LavkaLavka", "Taste Alphabet", "TasteVille", "Perekrestok" and "My Auchan". In a sample of sweet cream from the farmer Nina Kozlova ("LavkaLavka"), the yeast was found to exceed the norm by a factor of 300, and it also contains an E. coli. Similar violations are characteristic of the corresponding "Izbenka" product from "VkusVilla". The "Kind regards" ("My Auchan") and "Rostagroexport" ("Crossroads") brands do not contain the above-mentioned harmful elements, but in the second sample, the fat and protein content decreased by five percent. This violation is not critical and does not pose a threat to health, but it is misleading as other data is indicated on the packaging. That's what "Tsargrad" writes about. Earlier on the spot "World Cup" it was reported that champagne with quality label will be promoted in the stores. Read also: Roskachestvo specialists told how to choose healthy milk chocolate

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