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Each nation has in its arsenal a list of national dishes that everyone should try at least once in their lives.

Although the Ukrainian cuisine is not very healthy, it can immediately fall in love with itself. Experts have compiled a list of national dishes from Ukraine, which simply cannot be disclosed:

1. The first place on the list is expected to be borsch. All Slavic people have their own recipe for this soup, but it is the Ukrainian version that is considered a "classic".

2. Fat. The product without which the lives of Ukrainians do not seem.

3. Uzvar. Tasty and healthy stewed fruit, the base of which is pears, apples and plums. Very quenched thirst.

4. Fill cabbage. It was the Ukrainians who came up with this familiar dish: a delicious combination of meats and vegetables that lingers for a long time in tomato sauce.

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