Spices are a great opportunity to make a dish delicious, delicious and healthy.

Experts have compiled the top 5 best health spices:

1. Red pepper. Gives the dish piquancy and sharpness. It goes well with meat dishes and can complement some fish varieties.

Assistant in strengthening immunity and prevention of thrombosis.

2. Coriander. Great with salads, mushrooms and meat dishes.

An ideal spice for those under stress. In addition, it has a good effect on heart health.

3. Bay leaf. It is often added to first courses as the spice has an excellent aroma.

A great way to overcome inflammatory processes.

4. Garlic. Experts advise adding it to dishes every day as the list of useful properties of garlic is very long.

5. Black pepper. Accelerates the metabolic process and promotes detoxification.

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