Ecobozor network of organic markets opens in Uzbekistan

The combination of a traditional bazaar and shopping mall facilities in an area of ​​up to 10 thousand square meters.

Soon, a new Ecobozor project will start in Tashkent, which will differ significantly from the usual grocery markets and supermarkets.

Buying in a regular supermarket wants the consumer not only to receive good service but also the ability to compare prices, a wide range of natural products. On the other hand, the buyer once in the market needs comfortable conditions that affect the mood and choice of products.

The eco-eco-network network of the new Ecobozor format is a combination of the traditional market and the conveniences of a modern shopping mall. The Ecobozor project is based on delivering trading sites directly to producers of agricultural and dairy products. Here you can buy high quality products: fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, vegetables, dairy products and bakery products, beverages, chocolate and confectionery, fresh cakes and much more. Also in the area will be stores with household chemicals, pharmacies and a large number of different shops.

Benefits of Ecobozor:

– Quality control and freshness of products. As in the traditional bazaar, only fresh products await customers with hygiene certificates;
– Wide selection. Choosing among dozens of sellers, the consumer will always find exactly what he was looking for;
– The opportunity to negotiate. This integral part of the culture of purchasing our population here can also be realized;
– Comfortable conditions. Buyers are waiting for a spacious trading area of ​​up to 10 thousand square meters. m, air conditioning, heating, nice and clean windows, comfortable atmosphere, the presence of baskets
– Concentration of all types of products. Vegetables, fruits, meats, pastries, beverages and everything needed to satisfy the gastronomic needs of one place;
– Free parking.

The Ecobozor concept fits in perfectly with the development strategy of the agro-industrial sector in the Uzbek economy. The launch of the project will also have a beneficial effect on the employment market and will contribute to the creation of new jobs and increase employment levels. In the future, it is planned to open Ecobozor eco markets across the country.

Comfortable conditions for tenants

For tenants of trading venues on the Ecobozors area, all the necessary conditions are created: sanitary services, security, rental of refrigerators, scales, shop windows and other equipment. A team of professional marketers and PR managers will work to attract a steady stream of customers. Specialists will daily inform consumers about new products and services, analyze the competitive environment, create market activities, promote the ECOBOZOR brand in Uzbekistan. The team's main task is to increase sales of products sold.

For rental problems, please call: (+99897) 454-33-30, (+99898) 360-25-25.

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