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Fish is a real storehouse of valuable protein as well as important vitamins, micro-elements and omega-3 fatty acids that are needed for each person. But not all types of fish are just as useful, and dishes from some residents in reservoirs are damaging to our health. So we tell you what kind of fish you can eat every day, and which one is better to exclude from your diet at all. – Methyl mercury, which is extremely secreted from the body. Meanwhile, methyl mercury, even in small amounts, is a threat to fetal development and can cause serious health problems. In particular, mercury has a toxic effect on the body's nervous system, digestive tract and immune systems, as well as on lungs, kidneys, eyes and skin. No wonder the World Health Organization has included it on the list of ten chemicals that pose a threat to public health. Also read Products that cannot be eaten for breakfast, otherwise there will be problems with the stomach. So which fish has the most mercury? First and foremost in meat of large predators – sharks, tuna, beluga, pike and swordfish. The fact is that these underwater inhabitants live the longest and therefore have time to accumulate more methyl mercury. In addition, they eat small fish that also contain mercury. Therefore, doctors advise to exclude such fish from your diet. Safer species The safest species of fish are anchovies, catfish, mackerel, sardine, haddock, salmon, Atlantic herring, tilapia and scallop. It's their meat you can eat at least every day. 50/50 Some fish species accumulate mercury, but only in small quantities, so it is not necessary to give up. But to reduce the use of bowls from sea bass, floats, sea bass and mackerel to twice a month it still needs. Based on, Photo:,

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