Created pizza flavored ice cream

There is no other kind of ice cream – any gourmet finds something among those who will satisfy their discerning taste.

And when Little Baby Ice Cream takes over, the taste of this delicacy will expand. Thanks to this brand, the world has already tried ice cream with dill and celery flavor, but the real breakthrough of Little Baby's Ice Cream was quite recent: the company made ice cream with the taste of pizza.

Admittedly, the ice cream looks very appetizing. And its creators report that only the freshest and most natural products were used in production: juicy tomatoes, selected garlic, fragrant oregano and basil. Spicy ice cream with salt and pepper. "You will be surprised to try this ice cream," says Little Baby Ice Cream, and they are probably right.

Pizza-flavored ice cream is eaten both in a cone or from a cup and on the pizza itself. Imagine – a big triangle with flavored pizza, and on top – an ice ball.

A question arises: Can this ice cream be considered a dessert?

Chief editor of the blogJosh.