Chicken meat is one of the products that housewives often use to make homemade dinners and lunches. But sometimes due to lack of time, we join a simple roasting of this very chicken meat and serve it along with the usual side dish.

We offer an interesting alternative: low chopped chicken cats. It doesn't take much time, but diversifies your table and licks your taste buds.


Chicken breast – 3 pcs.

3 eggs

3-4 tbsp. l starch

1 onion

4 tbsp. l cream fraiche

Salt, pepper to taste

1) Chest cut into small cubes.

2) Add onion (possibly finely chopped) and garlic. While roasting, the aroma of vegetables almost disappears, so if you like spicy – add more.

3) Add 3 eggs, salt, pepper, starch to the meat

4) Leave the meat for half an hour in the refrigerator

5) Fry in a saucepan

This dish can be served with just about any side dish, but buckwheat or rice is best.


Chief editor of the blogJosh.