Chicken rolls with nuts

This recipe makes it possible to diversify dishes based on the chicken fillet. Rolls, supplemented with nuts, can be included in both the daily and festive menu.

For cooking will require:

0.5 kg chicken fillet 1 pcs. onions and carrots; 100 g processed cheese 1 egg; 40 grams of walnuts; breadcrumbs – to taste.


Cut the chicken fillet into small layers, add salt, pepper and beat the meat. Cut onions and green carrots on a medium grate. Fry onion for golden brown, add carrots and sauté until soft. Add your favorite spices to taste.

Cut the melted cheese into small squares, place them in the pan and stir gently, melt until the mass becomes homogeneous.

Onions and carrots for changing in a separate container, add chopped nuts, cheese and mix. Put 1 tablespoon on the chicken fillet l filling and wrap the meat in a roll. Beat the egg, dip the roll into it, roll in the breading.

Steep until golden brown on both sides.

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