Numerous dishes can be prepared from chicken: it can be fried, cooked, added to salads and pies. We offer you a dish that is perfect for a festive table and for a cozy home dinner.

If you want to delight your family with this delicious treat, head to the store for:

Chicken breast – 2 pcs.

Melted cheese (ideal for cheeseburgers, but you can also plain) – 4 pcs.

Green asparagus – 8 pcs.


Spices to taste

Breast cut in two and separate them from the pre-film. Whisk each piece gently (you can place the chest between the cling film). Put some processed cheese on the already beaten meat. The cheese should be cut into thin slices, so it is convenient to roll the chicken into a roll. Separate the thick parts from the asparagus and place what is left on the cheese. Roll deleted chicken breast to roll.

Cover the baking sheet with baking paper, set the rolls. Place preheated up to 200 g and bake for half an hour.

It is advisable to serve the dish warm. Garnish with dill or other herbs on top.

Enjoy your meal!


Chief editor of the blogJosh.