draniki s kuritsey compressed

For cooking you must:

1 chicken breast, 2 medium potatoes, 1-2 eggs, 3 tablespoons flour, dill, salt, vegetable oil for frying.

Cut chicken breast into thin slices. Then rub the potatoes on a fine grate, salt it and leave it for 5 minutes. Squeeze the juice out of it and mix. The resulting mass is our dough.

Put pieces of meat on a frying pan preheated with oil and lid with a butter on top. When you see that it is time to turn the meat, do it carefully with a spatula. On the back, put another layer of dough. So he was on both sides.

Stir the pancakes on each side for 5 minutes at low heat.

The dish is ready. Bon appetit!

Photo: from open sources

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