Cheesecake with condensed milk

Experienced housewives warn that this excellent recipe for cheesecake can easily be pampered by improperly boiling condensed milk. Helpful Hint: To condense milk cooked evenly, take a deep pot, completely immerse the jar in water and put on the side, and at times turn it over.

In addition to 0.3 cans of boiled condensed milk, cheesecakes will need:

500 g cottage cheese; 2 eggs; 6 tbsp. l. sugar and semolina; small amount of flour.


Mix in a bowl of egg, cottage cheese, sugar and semolina until smooth. The mass must be thick. If this does not happen, you can add a little more semolina to the composition.

To create cheesecakes you need to get a spoon full of cottage cheese mix and make a ball. On the one hand, gently make a groove, where you should put condensed milk with a teaspoon. Close the edges carefully. The resulting ball with the filling slightly flattens to the shape of the usual cheesecake. Roll in flour.

Fry the cheesecakes in a warm frying pan over low heat on both sides until a characteristic golden crust comes.

Photo: Pixabay

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