Cauliflower cream soup

A bowl with a delicate creamy flavor that is suitable for vegetarian diets. It goes well with grated cheese and biscuits.


50 ml – cream with 15% fat content 500 g – cauliflower; half a small onion; 2 pieces – potatoes 1 clove garlic; salt, pepper, nutmeg, olive oil – to taste.


In deep dishes, finely chopped onion, add chopped garlic and brown until golden brown.

Remove the cauliflower in blossoms, add the onions, the stew for a few minutes, add the tarted potatoes for frying.

Pour a lot of water and boil until the potatoes are soft. Remove the soup from the oven, bring the blender to homogeneity, carefully pour the cream. Add salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste.

Turn on the oven and cook for a few minutes until the cream boils.

Photo: from open sources

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