Canned food and 4 myths associated with them

In our life and nutrition is an important place occupied by canned and frozen foods. Fish, berries, stewed and mixed vegetables, pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, kuciar by kuciar … It is difficult to list all kinds of canned foods as we eat almost every day. But there are people who believe in myths and the dangers of industrial canned food.

For example, it is believed that in preserves there is nothing valuable and useful to the body: all vitamins and trace elements are destroyed during treatment. In fact, there are about as many vitamins in frozen berries as in freshly harvested. And canned fish produce even more benefits: small bones in it become much softer during processing and easy to chew while receiving an additional dose of useful calcium. Conservation "takes away" from the vitamins raw materials no more than any other treatment – frying, shock or boiling.

The other myth is about harmful preservatives used to make ready-made industrial preserves. It is because of them that they retain their freshness for so long and do not deteriorate. But the whole thing is different: The package of the finished stew or pieces of fish is closed first, ensuring complete density and then sterilized at high temperatures. Because of this, they destroyed all harmful microbes and molds that could destroy the finished can. Preservatives in most of these products are used as natural: sugar, salt, vinegar, citric acid.

Myth number three – it is better to cook at home, rather than buying industrial. In this case, you will be sure of only the quality of the raw material in the can, but it is a controversial issue of the absolute certainty of such preserves. Not everyone can have an autoclave in their home, where canned foods are sterilized in companies, and if a can is sterilized at home, canned food will soon or later destroy, mold and even dangerous toxin – botulinum lives in them. Factory preserves are protected from such situations.

The fourth myth is that canned food is made from low quality raw materials that are processed to hide its stale. Of course, there are cases where the pickled cucumbers purchased were found to be too soft and fresh, and the canned food was rotten. However, it is a rarity that is rather associated with improper storage or insufficient treatment of raw materials. Most canned producers use good vegetables, meat and fish and carefully ensure that the quality is high.

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