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Canape is suitable for banquet, buffet, birthday or just for dinner with family.

Cooking canapes is really a creative process. The success of success is not only in beautiful design, but also in the right combination of products. We have prepared several options for canapés.

Option 1

Cheese – Creamy, Adyghe or Mozzarella. Bread – rye, Borodino, wheat. You can easily fry in butter. Red fish – salted trout or salmon. Olives or olives. You can cook half a canape with olives and half with olives.

Option 2

Sausage – dried, cooked, smoked. Ham or bacon You can cut medium-sized cubes or plates, then roll the string and spit on skewers. Tomatoes and cucumbers. Lemon – experiment with orange or mandarin.

Option 3

Grapes – preferably seedless. Marmalade – orange or lemon. Prawns. Marinated mushrooms are the best small sandwiches or mushrooms.

Choose the right option for yourself and enjoy the wonderful taste.

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