Buzzfeed has created a smart disc

A cooker called Tasty One Top will monitor cooking and will be a true salvation for novice cooks.

Buzzfeed Product Labs has created a smart record called Tasty One Top for its smart brand. This plate is designed for those who have just started to learn the basics of cooking. In addition, it can be an indispensable tool for the elderly and disabled.

The uniqueness of this plate is that it will monitor the entire cooking process: controlling the heat and cooking time, monitoring the liquid level and informing your host when it is necessary to add some ingredient.

How does it work? In fact, very simple. The plate owner will have to download The Tasty App, which contains more than one and a half thousand recipes on their smartphone. By choosing a recipe, the plate owner can start cooking, following the video instructions, and Tasty One Top will help him with this. The built-in Bluetooth plate allows the disc to send various reminders and warnings to the host.

The cookware to be used during cooking is safe – only the bottom of the dishes is heated and the walls remain cold. Tasty One Top invites users to buy a whole set of dishes for the "smart" plate.

Photo source: Tasty

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