But mint leaves are dangerous for men amp nbsp

"Elixir of Life", "Longevity Grass" – in China is called the plant ginseng, and in Russia it is mint. About its beneficial properties known since ancient times. It is very popular with famous herbalists as it is used to treat many diseases. Brewed as an analgesic and insomnia, it helps with headaches and normalizes heart rhythm, refreshes breathing and improves digestion, lowers blood pressure and eases breathing system breathing, has anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects. And this is not a complete list of all the useful properties of mint. One must remember that there are many species of this plant. But the most useful is peppermint. Modern medicine has found a large amount of nutrients per se: vitamins A, B, C, PP, folic acid, flavonoids, trace elements represented by iron, zinc, manganese, copper and macronutrients, including sodium, calcium and potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. And also dietary fiber, saturated fatty acids, essential oils. Elderly people happily drink a cup of mint tea at night, so sleep will be healthy and strong. For the same purpose, it is recommended to place a bag of dried mint in the bed surface. Its smell is enough to soothe the nerves and fall asleep quickly. Another mint called female plant. It was assumed that she is not only reassuring, but also makes the representatives of the weaker sex more feminine. What our ancestors guessed at an intuitive level, today, Turkish scientists have proven scientifically. They conducted an experiment with a group of women whose excess hormone testosterone was found in the blood. After these women drank several cups of tea with mint every day for a certain period, their testosterone levels dropped significantly. In addition, hair growth dropped significantly in women who had excess hair on their body, like men. Does this mean that mint based on these properties has a negative effect on the male body? To confirm this, US researchers conducted laboratory rats attempts. In the Department of Nutrition, rodents were given only mint tea instead of water. After a short time testosterone levels in men's blood decreased significantly. And sometime later they developed incurable disorders in the function of tests. Experts from the Russian Institute of Reproductive Medicine confirm that mint can lead to a decrease in strength, weakening of erection. This is partly due to the plant's soothing properties, but of course a decrease in the testosterone level. And their American counterparts say that if a man is very keen on mint, it leads to rounding off the forms, reducing body hair. It is due to a decrease in the level of the male hormone, the female begins to prevail. It is true that scientists indicate that a man needs to drink tea with mint for a long time and brew several cups of very strong drinks every day. Another shade associated with mint tea for men. During various trials, tea with mint was found to reduce sperm activity. If tea is used in moderation, it will not affect men's strength in any way, but the chances of becoming a man's father will be significantly reduced. At the same time, the researchers pay special attention to the fact that in moderate doses tea is very useful for men. Its main component, menthol, which forms the basis of the essential oils that make up the mint, renews the breath, eliminates excessive sweating and brings a freshness to the body. All this usually does not care about women.

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