Burrito Indian recipe

This tender, aromatic, moderately spicy bowl helps to feel the taste of the East and jump into culinary traditions of exotic India.

For the test it will require:

420 g flour 2 tbsp. l. olive oil; 200 ml of water salt – according to taste.

For filling:

2-4 potatoes; 2-3 art. l. vegetable oil; 4 cloves of garlic; 2 onions; favorite spices (you can use green and red chili, curry, zira, coriander); salt – to taste.


Cook the potatoes, tough, grate on a coarse tear knife. Crushed garlic, sauté in a skillet in a small amount of butter, add onion, cut into strips. Salt, season you can use green. Stir, add potatoes. Let the filling cool down.

Knead the dough using all the ingredients, leave it for half an hour. Divide into six parts, form "balls", cover with foil. Each "blank" roll in a 4-5 mm cake, leaving thickened edges.

Put on top of each cake filling, squeeze edges. Step in a little oil over medium heat until golden brown. If the dough is cooked properly, the cakes will "blow up".

Butter the finished tortillas with butter.

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