Blue chocolate presented in Japan

Japanese producers introduced natural blue chocolate.

In 2017, the Swiss firm Barry Callebaut first introduced natural pink chocolate, which today is considered the fourth officially recognized type of white, milk and dark chocolate.

The Japanese company Village Vanguard introduced another kind of chocolate of a very original color. The chocolate is a blue shade made by adding natural jams from blue apples grown in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Since this jam is translucent, the specialists could not immediately get a rich color – then blue herbs from Thailand were also used. This made it possible to deepen the chocolate color.

Village front edges

Blue chocolate will be available in two colors – the first is darker, resembles the night sky and is decorated with pieces of edible golden foil imitating stars, and the other is gray-blue associated with cool winter air.

Village front edges

It should be noted that both types of chocolate will be presented in the form of icing to cookies. A package of 6 cookies will be available for sale, which will cost you $ 20. The news in limited quantities will be put on sale on the company's website on February 14, 2018.

Chief editor of the blog – Josh.