Baked potatoes with mushrooms

Hearty and tasty dish. Experienced housewives recommend giving preference to white mushrooms, but some will do. Baking potatoes with mushrooms can be in portion pots or in a form.

For cooking will require:

800 g potatoes; 400 g white mushrooms; 300-400 ml sweet cream; 1 large onion; 1 tsp. dried dill; salt, pepper, vegetable oil – to taste.


Cut mushrooms into large lumps, potatoes – in thin circles, chop the onions. Heat the pan and fry the seed in vegetable oil until soft and golden brown. Add mushrooms, step for a few minutes.

Remove pulp from heat and mix with potatoes. Salt, pepper to taste, sprinkle with dill and season with sour cream. Mix thoroughly, put in greased form or in portion pots.

Send the dish to the oven for 40 minutes, bake to golden brown at 180-200 degrees.

Photo: from open sources

cooking potato recipe

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