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In Armenian cuisine there are many dishes based on cereals. The most common – rice, millet, millet. And the spelled – an old representative of that kind of wheat, very useful for the core of grain culture.

The frequent use of the spell in the preparation of Armenian dishes is proof that Armenia's cuisine is one of the oldest and characteristic of the Caucasus. Many culinary traditions are thousands of years old. Our selection will teach you how to make famous Armenian pilaf: salts (with lamb, chicken and mushrooms) and sweet (with dried fruits).

Armenian pilaf with fried lamb – recipe

For 6 servings of products:

• Pilaf rice, steamed – 400 g;
• lamb, pulp with fat – 600 g;
• Onions – 250 g;
• ghee or vegetable oil – 140 g;
• Salt, a handful of pomegranate (cereals) and hot spices – to taste.


1. Rinse the rice, change the water several times until it becomes completely transparent. Transfer to a pan of boiling water and boil the grain. Don't overcook – rice must be half ready.

2. Cut the lamb into pieces. Put in the heated oil – in the boiler – and raise it to golden brown.

3. Fry the chopped onion on a separate frying pan, also on heated oil, until golden.

4. Transfer the bulbs into the oil to the lamb. Add salt, pomegranate seeds, rice.

5. Add to your taste with pepper – and you can fill with water. It should cover products about half an inch above.

6. Lubricate the Armenian pilaf with grilled lamb on a small fire that closes the lid tightly.

7. When all the liquid has evaporated, extinguish the fire and let the dish stand for 20 minutes before serving. Serve to the table on a large bowl.

The legendary "Ararat" pilaf recipe

For 6 servings of products:

• Rice – 1 glass;
• raisins – 50 g dark and light;
• dried apricots – 100 g;
• walnuts or almonds – 50 g peeled;
• Pomegranate seeds – 2 tbsp. L .;
• ghee – 6 el. L .;
• salt – 4 pinches;
• Thin pita bread – 1 sheet the size of a kettle bottom for the pilaf.


1. Change the water several times, rinse the gravel. Last water must be clear.

2. Then transfer the rice to the frying pan, fill it with clean water, salt there – and cook until half cooked. Then immediately look at a sieve and doused with ice water.

3. Insert a generous portion of ghee into the bottom of the boiler. Butter. Line bottom of Armenian lavash.

4. On top of that is 1/3 of rice, pour oil (2 spoons), another third of the grain, again oil, third layer of rice, oil it too.

5. Take a clean tea towel, close the kettle cover and put it firmly in place. Cook for 20 minutes, making the minimum fire.

6. Rinse all dried fruit as you encounter rice. Place the bucket together with the nuts. Hold half an hour on the bath.

7. Put the steamed fruits and nuts in a bowl that remains ghee, stir with a spatula.

8. Put prepared rice on the plate in a slide. Drizzle with oil, collect it from the pita at the bottom of the boiler. On top of the grain, steamed dried fruits are placed with nuts. Sprinkle with pomegranate – the delicious Ararat pilaf is ready!

Ariza (wheat porridge with chicken) – a recipe

For 6 servings of products:

• chicken – carcasses 1-1.2 kg in weight
• wheat groats – 0.5 kg;
• Onions – 2 pcs.
• melted butter – 1 cup;
• For taste salt, dried garlic, laurel, coriander.


1. Pour water over the wheat grain – and let it soak while you are engaged in chicken.

2. Put the chicken in a pan, let it boil and add lavrushka, coriander and dried garlic. Cook the bird until tender. Remove from broth, remove bones and chop meat into slices.

3. Put the broth in a clean pan and boil again. In case of low boiling, pour the washed cereal into it, cook until thick.

4. Add chicken pieces to the dish, continue to make porridge on the smallest fire and under the lid. For this bowl try to wash the dishes with a non-stick bottom. If you cook for a regular period, stir the grain regularly.

5. When the arisa is thickened, stir well and add salt to the process. Remove from heat and wrap so that it does not cool down early.

6. Cut the peeled onions in half, then again in half. You get a quarter-ring that will be burned on the whole portion of ghee.

7. When the onion becomes golden, you can serve the food: First place Arisa on the plates and place the onions sautéed in oil on top.

Achar with mushrooms – a recipe

This right in Armenia is traditionally festive. Usually for him take fragrant forest mushrooms, freshly harvested. However, if you are not a mushroom picker and you do not run the risk of buying fresh, you can replace forest mushrooms for mushrooms or use frozen ones.

For 6 servings of products:

• spelled groats – 1 cup;
• Onion – 2 heads
• Fresh mushrooms – 700 g;
• Creamy ghee – 0.5 cups;
• spices according to taste (salt, coriander, hot pepper, dried / fresh coriander).


1. Walk through the stake, throw the dark and refracted grains Rinse several times with a strong stream of cold water.

2. Cut the onion into small cubes. Stir in melted butter (per 100 g) with constant stirring. For light yellow.

3. Transfer the washed rod to the onions, add spices (except cilantro) and salt. Use a spatula to mix porridge and pour water into the ratio of ingredients 1: 2.

4. Cover the plate tightly with lid and low food heat until the liquid is completely absorbed. At that time, it will turn out to be about 40 minutes.

5. Take the second onion and chop as finely as the first. On the remaining ghee toast. Mince mushrooms there. Step up to boiled mushrooms, and at the end season with salt to your taste, pepper.

6. Mix the finished sponge with mushrooms – agar is ready! Serve it hot. The second option is to serve: porridge separately, mushrooms separately. Don't forget to sprinkle with dried or fresh coriander. Bon appetit!

Bumblebee (rice sausages) – recipe

For 6 servings of products:

White rice, round or long grain (no difference) – 300 g; 1 onion, take a larger ghee – 130 g; thin lambs – 1.5 m; pomegranate grains – 0.5 cups; grounded black pepper and chopped coriander – to taste. salt.


1. Wash rice, send to frying pan and cook until half cooked.

2. Put 50 grams of butter in a frying pan, warm up, onion in butter. Step for 5 minutes.

3. Take a kettle, heat it on the stove, pour the rice, send onion, then salt pepper and pomegranate seeds. Heat another 40-50 grams of oil separately. Pour into rice, cover and cook until soft, cereal. Stir porridge periodically.

4. Relax the lamb's lamb, turn it out and rinse it as thoroughly as possible, using continuous (safe!) Water.

5. Pull the culinary thread from one end of the intestine. Fill rice through a hole on the other side. Release it too.

6. You want a long sausage to be divided into sausage pieces, pick up in the right places with a string (culinary thread).

7. Place the prepared Bumblebreads in a baking sheet to be poured with the remnants of melted butter.

8. Bake at 200 C for 15-18 minutes. And immediately serve with Armenian pita bread, fresh herbs, fresh tomatoes. Bon appetit!

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