Alexander Kislitsyn will hold two master classes in Tashkent

The famous pastry chef will share his secrets for making pastries and cakes.

November 27, 28 and November 29, founder and teacher of the international culinary school VIP Masters, world-class pastry chef Alexander Kislitsyn, for the fourth time, will hold a master class in Tashkent in two directions: "Vienne pastry and bread" and "Modern cakes and pastries" .

Thanks to Alexander's skill, both beginners with minimal skills or without them, as well as professional pastry cakes, pastry shops and those who want to improve their skill level in this field, can participate. The master's professional experience and proper placement of equipment in the courses allows you to perform a large amount of quality work without loss of time, which has a positive effect on the training.

Alexander is fluent in all confectionery areas, namely, preparing delicious desserts, designer cakes, creative cakes, a large selection of chocolates, making exquisite decorations, sourdough bread and caramel and chocolate techniques proven by victories in international competitions.

Thanks to the Viva Maria Chocolaterie Chocolate Workshop, which is the official representative of the VIP Masters culinary school in Uzbekistan, it is possible to refine your skills in preparing modern desserts as well as the famous tasting pastries and bread under Alexander Kislitsyn's supervision.

Master class number 1. Modern cakes and pastries:

cake "raspberry delicacy"; cake "refreshing lemon"; love flower; Tiffany cake; Banana Room Hazelnut cake; Anna Pavlova cake according to an old recipe; cake "juicy cherry"; Bailey's cake; Gingerbread cake; eclair "spicy caramel"; Eclair "Strawberry Mascarpone"; eclair "hazelnut"; gluten-free nut cake, soaked in orange punch; mini-cake "Royal Exotic".

Master class number 2. Vienne cakes and bread:

croissant double color; kuglof; brioche with gastronomic filling; cubic brioche; carrot cake; chocolate nut cake with nut filling; marble berry pie with crispy curb; Cranberry Rosemary tartlet; pear pie with curd cream; Black Currant Cupcake with Orange Flavor soaked in Aromatic Punch; Passion cupcake soaked in passion fruit punch; pistacio cheesecake with raspberries; apple strudel and pear strudel; triple paste with berry filling; soft bun; beer bread with apples; bread on dough with orange and hazelnuts; bowl of spinach and cheese; bread with olives; gastronomic pie with olives, cheese and ham; bowl of cheese and bacon; puff bun with chocolate; raspberry puff; Swiss royal quiche and apple sauce.

Seminars are paid. Phone numbers for recording: (+99898) 309-06-05, (+99890) 945-66-86.

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