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Eggplant is a very tasty and healthy vegetable that many hostesses like.

Recipes there are countless. Here is the easiest way to prepare a delicious dish.

The number of products is intended for 4 servings, if necessary you can increase the number of ingredients: 2 eggplants, a little vinegar (to your taste), 4 garlic fat, salt and black pepper. Eggplant is thoroughly washed and cut into a circle. Once sliced, it is worth the pepper and salt.

Garlic cooked in garlic. Add a generous amount of oil to a well-heated pan (don't forget that eggplant tends to absorb it) and fry until crusty on both sides.

At that point, it only takes a few minutes. Dip each circle in vinegar, spread on a plate, sprinkle with garlic. Then we cover with a plate and put a pot of water on top for 5-7 minutes. The dish is ready.

Photo: Pixabay

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