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Have you missed the young cabbage? Already appeared on the shelves, and it is time to make good salads from there. Juicy, useful, simple or original.

Choose for your taste from our selection of recipes.

Cabbage with fresh cucumbers

Chop a thin little head of cabbage. Washed 2 fresh cucumber cut into cubes.

In cabbage, add flavor salt, chopped greens (young onion, parsley).

Transfer cucumbers there and fill with 1/2 stack. cream cream. Stir. Bon appetit!

With potatoes, radishes and pickles

For a salad for 4-5 persons, take 1 medium radish. Peel and rub.

Cut the young cabbage into a bowl – 1 fork. Cook 3 potatoes in uniforms, let cool and crumble in salad.

Then add salted or pickled cucumbers (2-3 pieces).

To taste, salt the dish and season with a choice of mayonnaise or thick cream.

With nuts and garlic

On a medium fork of young cabbage you need to take half a cup of walnuts (we are talking about already cleaned grains).

You should also use 2-3 fat garlic, a few skewers of mayonnaise, salt and pepper and dill.

Pour the cabbage roughly – not as in previous recipes.

Put in a deep salad bowl, add salt and mash with a spoon before separating fresh and fragrant juice.

Separately, in a mortar, rub the nuts with chopped garlic, add the slices of dill, and slightly rub it again.

Put the nutty garlic sauce in the cabbage, pour into mayonnaise, mix and immediately on the table. Yummy!

With smoked cheese and chicken legs

For half a block of (medium) cabbage, take 150-200 grams of smoked chicken. Cut the meat into cubes.

Pour the cabbage directly into the salad bowl. Still need smoked cheese in braids – 100-150 grams. Remove it in fibers or finely chopped. Along with the chicken is added to the cabbage.

To fill such a salad, you need: 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil, a handful of vegetables (chop it) and lemon juice to taste. Pour the dressing with herbs and mix.

Salting this option is not necessary as smoked food (both cheese and meat) gives the normal amount of salt.

Salad "Tenderness" with vegetables and fruits

Take all the ingredients fresh: half a sprig of young cabbage; 2 apples; 2 hard bulbs; 300 grams of pumpkin pulp; 2 sweet carrots; 1 red onion; salt and pepper; 2-3 cloves of garlic; for refueling oil (olive or sunflower).

Rinse the cabbage and finely chop the shredder. Gently shake in a bowl of salt. Pepper.

Pumpkin powder and peeled carrots throw on a fine grate. Onions cut into half rings thinner. Cut off the skin and seeds, cut the fruit into thin slices. Garlic – through the press.

Prepared vegetables and fruits are attached to minced cabbage. Fill oil with flavor and mix. Salad "Tenderness" is ready to serve!

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