Italy is famous for its specialties – pasta and pizza.

Did you know that pasta, when translated from Ancient Greek, means flour mixed with gravy?

This dish was invented by the Italian Martin Corno, but the first mention of "pasta" was already in the XIV century.

At that time, he came up with a recipe for pasta on almond milk that was filled with sweet roots.

And today we will tell you how to make a delicious Italian pasta with mushrooms and spinach on a quick hand.

So, as it should be, let's start with the ingredients:

vegetable oil – 1 tbsp. happen; spinach (fresh) – 150 grams; mushrooms – 150 grams; salt and pepper – 1 tsp; pesto sauce – 200 grams; grated parmesan – 120 grams; half a pack of spaghetti or other pasta.

Next is the cooking process.

Initially, cook the pasta so as not to digest them on the back of the package, the exact cooking time indicated.

Then add butter to the preheated saucepan, after which you lightly taste the washed spinach in it.

Then add mushrooms to be cut, not very thick and not very thin plates.

In this mixture add salt and pepper, leave it on the fire until the water is evaporated from the fungus.

Then add pesto sauce and parmesan cheese. Gently stir the resulting mass, add spaghetti and mix well.

Wu à la! The dish is ready. Bon appetit!

Photo: Pixabay

pasta cooking recipe

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