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To eat as tasty as in a restaurant, it is not necessary to leave the house.

Below are 10 secrets enjoyed by famous chefs:

1. If you started cooking according to the recipe book and noticed that you did not have enough ingredient, try to find out what you can replace it with: you can come up with something new and see new flavors of the usual dishes.

2. Use of spices and spices. All chefs use their dishes for a variety of spices that change the taste of dishes and give them a delicious aroma. Some experts recommend cooking spices in advance: among salt, coriander, rosemary and thyme. They are perfectly combined with each other and will allow you to buy the taste of a restaurant.

3. To squeeze more juice from the lime, it must be heated. If there is no option, it is necessary to roll it well on the table by force.

4. To make salads your business card, prepare the dressing yourself. Infinite rule: for 3 parts olive oil, take 2 parts acid. As for the acid, your imagination is not limited: sherry, lemon or lime juice, wine vinegar, etc. Don't forget to add chopped herbs.

5. Roast zucchini correctly: so they are delicious and juicy, do not forget to put pressure on them during the cooking process.

6. Manufacturing. In the restaurant, the cook does not cook you for 15 minutes – even though it is just as much time since the order. The secret is that the staff deals with harvesting: chopped vegetables, boiling broth, marinating meat or making sauce. You can note this method. So after a hard day at work you can pamper yourself with delicious dishes, as if from the restaurant.

7. For the meat to satisfy you with an appetizing crispy crust, add a spoonful of flour to the pan before roasting.

8. When cooking fish, do not spill oil on the pan – only butter the fish. Then it won't stick to the pan.

9. Don't forget about the safe combination of potatoes with greens, which should only be added at the time of submission.

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