Experts decided to combine the hostesses' experience and identified several lifestyles that girls use in the kitchen.

First, if you want your greens to hold their presentation for as long as possible, take care of it as well as regular flowers.

Secondly, there are products that cannot be put in the fridge: tomatoes, bread, peaches, onions and garlic, potatoes and more so that coffee does not belong there.

Third, any dish extends the shelf life of chili pepper. There's no need to add much – a little, a pinch.

Fourth, do not despair if an ingredient is missing – replace or lower it. If the taste of the dish changes – that's okay, the most important thing is not to spoil it.

Fifth, to cut soft cheese into ideal slices, the knife tip must be moistened beforehand in warm water.

Sixth, if there is such a possibility, get rid of metal knives and replace them with a ceramic counterpart.

Photo: Pixabay

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