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Everyone knows about the benefits of a small amount of red wine, dark chocolate, almond or salmon to the heart.

But the products below will surprise you.

1. Steak – It turned out that the favorite brothers of brutal men have a good effect on the heart. And that is because it contains: monounsaturated fat, B12, iron, protein and zinc – all in an incredibly tasty dish.

2. Caffeine. It's great to find him on a similar list. He usually leads the ranking of the most dangerous products. In fact, for people who regularly drink coffee, heart work gets better and there are no problems with rhythms.

3. Salo. It turns out that it has low fat content and much omega-3.

4. Beer A glass of this beverage can bring preventative benefits to a variety of cardiovascular problems.

5. Potatoes. Potassium in its composition neutralizes the negative effects of sodium. Also helps with hypertension.

Photo: Pixabay

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