Problems with the gastrointestinal tract today suffer many people. To remove the exacerbation of the disease, to return the organs to health or to preserve its remnants, it is important to follow a diet.

When the doctor prescribes it, the mood deteriorates immediately, because in the understanding of the average person, diet is somewhat fresh, tasteless, slimy-gelatinous. But even with severe restrictions you can make delicious and fragrant dishes that meet all nutritional requirements for stomach problems. The main characteristics of such foods:

• Minimum fat content, moderate calorie content

• Easy digestibility

• lack of coarse and hard ingredients

• a minimum of substances that irritate the gastric mucosa (essential oils, salt, acid)

• lack of ingredients in dishwashing, which increases gas formation;

• optimal combination of products with bacterial flora in the gastrointestinal tract;

• exclusion of foods that cause diarrhea or constipation.

For a therapeutic diet, we want to offer more recipes for a double boiler. Steamed food is the best thing that can be for a sick stomach. It is prepared without fat, soft and soft, friendly to the mucous membrane, has an enclosing property, it is well absorbed.

Chicken chops in a double kettle – a recipe


• 500 g chicken, we only take fillet, halved with breast and bone;

• 250 g onions;

• 180 ml of pasteurized milk (minimum fat content)

• 1 egg;

• white bread crumbs – to taste;

• from spices only salt, it is a bit.


1. Combine chicken or onion with a meat machine or helicopter.

2. Pour milk for 3 minutes, squeeze and add to the filling. Stir – and second through a meat grinder.

3. Mix the chicken onion, mix the egg, add some salt, and knead again with your hands.

4. Sculpture small patties, preferably round. Levels of double boiler lined with parchment paper. Put 4-6 patties on each level. Fill the steam cooler with water and run for 40-45 minutes.

5. Serve – to taste – with fresh dill and celery mash potatoes, for example or carrots. Add chops (if necessary) can be directly on the plate.

Dumplings with cabbage – recipe for steam cooker


• 1 egg;

• 1 tbsp. flour;

• 125 g cabbage, white;

• one piece (grams per 25) of butter;

• Cabbage leaves to make a double boiler.


1. In flour, pour into a bowl with a bowl, pour the egg and then water. Knead fresh varenichnoe dough. We cover with a napkin until we touch.

2. Young cabbage thin chop and cook until soft in salted (light) water. Cut into small pieces while hot and mix with butter.

3. We roll out the dough, squeeze the mugs under dumplings, on them cabbage – and sculpt the products of the classic (to dumpling) form.

4. Rinse several whole cabbage leaves. We are overwhelmed by a double boiler. Dumplings on the leaves and cook for 15-17 minutes.

5. Spread on plates, top salt to taste, if salt is allowed on your diet. Pour sweet cream 10%, eat, cloth thoroughly, without hurry. Bon appetit!

Sea bass in cabbage leaves – for steamboat


• 1 kg of sea bass (3 bodies);

• 200 g onions;

• 6 large leaves of cabbage you can young (white or Beijing).


1. If the sea bass is not cut, giblets, cook the fillets. Each cut in half.

2. Put cabbage leaves in a flask, pour a few glasses of boiling water over them to make them softer.

3. Empty the bulbs and leave them for 3-5 minutes in boiling water.

4. Pieces (fillet halves) of sea bass spread on cabbage plates. At the top and around, the fish lay onion rings. We fold the type of filled cabbage, you can fix the thread for reliability.

5. We put the items in a steam boiler, pour water into the tank and start the unit for 35-40 minutes.

6. After turning it off, turn the cabbage, remove the bones from the fillet and serve the delicate fish to the table. From above you can pour a little salted, fat fat cream. Salting of the fish even before cooking is not recommended.

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