3 homemade noodle recipes

Many housewives prefer home-made noodles. We offer three universal cooking options for this product.

Noodles without water

For the test you will need: flour – 1 tablespoon, Egg – 3 pcs., Salt – For taste.

Sift flour, pour a slide, make a well, salt. Beat the eggs and add to the flour, stir well. Leave at room temperature for half an hour. Roll the dough into a 2-3 mm layer, allow to dry the edges and cut into thin noodles.

Noodles on milk

For the test you need: flour – 1 tablespoon, egg, milk – 2 tbsp. l., salt – to taste.

Sift flour, pour a slide, make a well. Beat egg, salt and milk. Gradually pour the pulp into the flour, knead the elastic dough. Put it in a container, cover with a warm towel and leave for 20 minutes.

Then rolled in a thin layer that regularly sprinkles flour. Dry the dough at room temperature for 30-40 minutes. Put it in a roll, cut into a sharp knife. Shake noodles and dry.

Noodles with citric acid

For the test you will need: flour – 2 tablespoons, Water – 0.5 tablespoons, Eggs, citric acid – pinch, salt – to taste.

Grease eggs with salt, add citric acid and water, mix well. Next, inject flour into the pulp, knead thoroughly, leaving no lumps. The dough must be elastic – not too dense and not very soft.

Divide the dough into several pieces, each rolling into a layer. Cut into noodles with a sharp knife or by baking. Dry the product in the oven at 60 degrees for a maximum of 30 minutes.

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