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Culinary art consists of using small secrets.

Some people are fortunate to learn shades of cooking from their mother or grandmother, someone goes to cooking classes, and someone learns through trials and mistakes. Professionals use the following tricks:

1. To make the carrot tasty, it is enough to boil it for 10 minutes over high heat and salt it at the end.

2. The most delicious liver is the one that was soaked in milk. Then it should be placed in flour mixed with spices and salt. Cook it for 3-5 minutes and it will be ready.

3. To create foam from protein, add a few drops of lemon juice.

4. Beets cooked faster if you keep it under a stream of cold water.

5. When kneading dough, add a little starch – so baking remains soft longer.

6. To make the omelette fluffy, add a little cold water.

7. Honey should not be heated, it is enough to put it in a container of hot water.

8. So that the oil from the pan does not flow apart in different directions, add a little salt.

9. Onions should always be cooked over low heat.

10. Grease the fillets with oil to prevent the fish from burning.

11. In order for the meat not to be hard, it must be salted at the end of cooking.

12. The best way to store the berries in the freezer is to put them in a bottle with a wide neck.

13. The potatoes are cooked faster if you add a little margarine.

14. Green can be restored to a fresh look – just sprinkle it with water and vinegar.

15. If you want rice not to boil soft during cooking, it is worth doing frying.

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