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For a person, food is not only a way to saturate the body with energy, but also a good opportunity to get real pleasure from life.

A tasty lunch or dinner is a great way to please your soulmate or surprise your loved ones with your creativity. There are many useful tips for cooks.

Add to your piggy bank 10 more lives hacking from professionals.

1. To give the bowl a delicate hint of garlic, just wipe the dish with a sliced ​​piece.

2. For the perfect marinade for meat, try combining beer and soy sauce.

3. For rice to be noble white, add 2 drops of vinegar to it.

4. In order for the beef to be hard, it must first be pickled for approx. half an hour in mayonnaise, kefir or sour cream.

5. To cut the egg yolk without curling, the knife must be doused with cold water.

6. To make the meat red before sending it to the oven, lubricate it with a mixture of honey, brandy and water.

7. The liver was not hard, salt should be in the end.

8. If you want the beans not change the color of the cooking process, then ignore the lid.

9. To make the salad come out incredibly tasty, add a spoonful of boiled milk with a knife of sugar.

10. To give a familiar dish a new taste, try using minced nuts instead of bread crumbs.

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