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What to do with the sheets: tips

Fallen leaves — a great boon for the cost-conscious gardener. End-of-season leaves you can find some applications
I make such a quick leaf compost. Lay them in large black bags (for garbage), tightly stuffed and moistened with a small amount of hot water, tightly tied with rope and put in an inconspicuous place. By the end of may ripe humus

What to do with leaves: useful sometidas leaves and compost, I put them smooth not thick, if you put a bunch will perepevat. You can then sprinkle with ashes, bone meal or spread a layer of manure
Leaves from maple and oak good to collect in dry weather, used them for shelter, including cuttings
Cover with leaves of oak or maple and planting strawberry root zone of fruit trees, especially young trees, on top of good put spruce foot to spread
Using fallen leaves can and a warm bed to do

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