What drinks drank Ilya Muromets to become a mighty hero

Vodka appeared in Russia around the middle of the XV century. I wonder what the intoxicating beverages drank Russian before? It turns out that they had to choose from! The truth is, almost all beverages those times was alcoholic
Berezovitsa nowadays some people collect birch SAP. But the berezovytsya called drunk. The juice from birch trees poured in open barrels, where it begins to ferment. Although drunk berezovytsia was not too strong, she was hit in the head
Remember: “And I was there honey-beer drinking, his mustache dripping, and mouth has not got”? Indeed, honey was widely popular in Russia in the Slavic era. In pagan times it had for our ancestors a sacred meaning, it was used in various rituals. With the advent of Christianity, the honey has not lost its popularity. On the basis of honey wine was produced in two forms: representations and boiled. Representations of the wine was made from a mixture of honey and berry juices with added berries and herbs. The mixture was spaziali and poured into a barrel which was then tarred and buried in the ground — it was called “raise the honey”. After 10-15 years, the drink came to the condition. But it was very expensive and ordinary people can not afford. Much more common was boiled honey. For its production of honey was diluted with water, added fruits, berries, herbs, boiled, then cooled, introduced the yeast and set to ferment. The famous Mead appeared only after the XIV century and was a home brew with honey. Subsequently they began to add vodka
Before the advent of vodka, the beer is in Russia one of the main alcoholic beverages. In the epics even says that Ilya Muromets had “beer strong” to become a mighty hero. Because beer was available to all strata of society, his drinking was accompanied by all the important events about which the invited guests: the birth, christening, housewarming, wedding, funeral, memorial. During excavations on the territory of Novgorod were found many kegs of beer — it seems that in ancient times it here was cooked in every home. Malt for beer is most often made from barley, and only in some Northern regions, in particular, on the territory of the Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions of rye
Today, there are probably few people know. Olomu was called barley drink, very reminiscent of beer, where I added hops and wormwood. The first mention of it dates to the middle of the XIII century. It is believed that the taste of ol was similar to English ale, which is also prepared from barley with the addition of various herbs, including Heather

This drink came to us from the Tatars. In Russia he became known in the thirteenth century. Made it from millet flour, cooked in water until it turned into a homogeneous mass. Then added the yeast. Russian Tatar Buzu improved by the addition of malt and honey. The cooked mixture was covered and set to ferment. The result was a syrupy sweet drink with a strength of approximately 4-6 degrees. It was served at the end of the meal “dessert”. It is from forgotten by now buzy happened are Russian slang words like “buzz”, “hot shot”
Grape vinopure mention of it Dating to the early tenth century. The wine brought from Byzantium, and it was quite expensive, so to afford it could only know. With the advent of Christianity, the wine has become a ritual drink, because the wine used during communion. By the way, despite the relative diversity of intoxicating beverages until a particular vodka drinking in Russia was not observed

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