Vietnamese KFC at the time introduced vegetarian dishes

Vietnamese KFC to offer vegetarian options throughout the country within one lunar mesacov this in a statement on the Vietnamese website of the company

During the campaign, the restaurant chain will offer three familiar customers, but with other ingredients. One of them is a hamburger with vegetarian chicken between buns with sesame seeds are sandwiched vegetarian meat, tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise
Also there are two kinds of vegetarian salad. The first is a bowl of rice with fried Korean seaweed, green salad and chopped vegetarian chicken. The second dish consists of cucumbers, tomatoes and vegetarian salad as a side dish
These dishes from KFC will be tested in the UK and Ireland. If they are popular, then next year will go to the permanent menu
To try these dishes in a Vietnamese restaurant chain will run until 9 September. If you don’t have time, don’t worry, Vietnam will always find something to please palates-vegetarians

Source: Saigoneer

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