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The seller of stationery swallowed false teeth for three years and fed through a tube

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In the Indian city Kolkata, state West Bengal, the owner of a stationer’s shop damaged the esophagus swallowed false teeth and for several years used the probe for a meal. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

In 2015, the 46-year-old Dipak Nandi (Nandi Deepak) accidentally swallowed two false teeth while eating. He was afraid to tell about what happened even my brother and mother, who lived in the same house. So they didn’t notice, the man stopped eating in their presence.

Three months later, the brother noticed his strange behavior and persuaded to confess. After learning about the injury, he took Nandi to the doctor. He said that false teeth stuck in the esophagus, and advised to go to the public hospital.

Specialists did an endoscopy and an x-ray, and then concluded that the Nandi formed a fistula. Two and a half years ago he was operated for the first time. After the operation it was found that the esophagus has sustained significant damage. The man could not swallow food, it was hard for him to speak, but his mouth was drooling. He was embarrassed to show my face, closed his shop and lived in isolation, eating through a tube.

To restore the esophagus, it took two more operations, which made only this year. After surgeons widened the esophagus Nandi, he for the first time in three years, I was able to have lunch as a healthy person.

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