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The products which can be stored for life

In the event of a global food crisis it is very important to be ready. The key to preparedness is to stock food that is easy to keep for several years or even decades
1. Figure
When storing food in the event of a global food crisis, rice is best, as it has all the qualities for long term storage. White, Jasmine, wild, Arborio, and basmati rice, they all have an almost unlimited shelf life. Many rice is considered as a basic ingredient of food survivalist in preparation for the shortages. Brown rice, though more healthy food compared with white, has a shorter shelf life. Due to the greater oil content, the rice spoils faster

2. Ususaly white distilled vinegar is a popular choice for salad dressings and for marinades. Having a long shelf life, vinegar is an excellent choice in the procurement of products. Distilled white vinegar retains its quality and taste almost his entire “life”
3. Soligorska sea salt is a “natural” form of traditional table salt. It is the perfect alternative to your unhealthy companions. Prepare salt than in a crisis with food to not have it at all. In addition to its taste and unlimited shelf life, salt is also a necessary component for harvesting meat or fish in extreme conditions

4. Honey
Honey has such a long shelf life that it is found even in Egyptian tombs. Although over time it changes color, and candy, it does the edibility is not affected. It can result in an almost original state simply by adding hot water and stirring it. Also in its natural form honey is full of enzymes and essential nutrients
5. Brahmakumaris corn starch is a food product that has many uses. You can add it to gravy to thicken, in sauces or soups. It is important to note that although these products have a longer shelf life if you store them in a cool and dry place, when storing a part of corn starch may be lost
6. Pure extract analycity vanilla extract in contrast to its artificial substitute can be stored forever. The additional cost of overpayment for the real extract pay off its unlimited shelf life
Testing their survival skills will help you be prepared in the case that your country will impress a food crisis or even a crisis breaks out on a global scale. The supply of these products assures you that in this case, you and your family will not starve
Storage of food in case of food crisis now may not be your main objective, but it is certainly better to know in case of any crisis. Although the survival skill in our technologically advanced age is not a major possession in one day can do you a good service

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