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In the morning, there is not enough time for a well-trained training camp, so you must have a snack on the go or even have to endure hunger before lunch.

But someone still complies with the rules and food culture and considers breakfast as an important meal. But an installation is not enough, it is necessary to put on the breakfast dishes the right dishes, which not only will give food but also benefit. What is better to refuse at breakfast?

Fans of dietary habits are convinced that tomorrow you can and should eat buns, cakes, cakes and some pastries for them.

The resulting calories for the whole day quickly "run up" and will not cause harm. All true, but all this muffin contains only carbohydrates that do not give a sense of satiety, but they have a negative effect on the pancreas.

The benefits of such a breakfast a little. Traditional scrambled eggs or tender omelettes are also not included in the list of healthy dishes.

Many gourmets add more bacon or sausage slices to their eggs, making breakfast too heavy, high in calories and protein. Yes, hunger will fall for several hours, but the organism will not receive useful micro-elements.

Some housewives feed on instant cereals not only for themselves and their husbands, but also for young children.

These dishes are not even useless but harmful to the body. They contain various components based on chemistry that have a deleterious effect on the digestive system.

Well, the usual breakfast cereals seem to be loved and eaten with joy in the morning. Rice, semolina, millet, oatmeal for breakfast.

Is there any benefit here? Yes, it is even possible to stick to milk portraits in the morning. It's just making an exception for semolina.

This dish is too rich in unnecessary calories, but fiber and carbohydrates in it are not enough.

Different ready-made mixtures (eg flakes) also do not offer any benefit in the morning, you cannot even eat them, but just fill the stomach with an incomprehensible meal. Yes, and there is a little sugar.

The dangers and benefits of breakfast can be argued endlessly, but if you give up breakfast, you really can't do anything better. Bon appetit!

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