The fish of my dreams: how to choose the don “kings” at the Volgograd markets

How not to get lost in the fishing menu on the Volgograd preleukaemia, fat, lightly salted — these labels ending on fat the dried fish will not leave indifferent any fan of the don treats. About choosing this fish the king, the price per ton of salt, and the dangers of Newspapers correspondents told the sellers of the Central market of Volgograd

The most delicious ryecart don fish should start with his commander. Yes, Yes. Fleshy fish literally gushing fat, called don king
— Vimba — the most delicious fish on the don — not hiding emotions, says the seller of the Central market Lyudmila. She and spinacci thicker and more meat, and bones almost not. Perfect for those who love juicy and fatty fish. We are often asked how to choose a fresh product. For starters, rate color. Grey with a white or slightly yellowish belly? This definitely will not spoil your dinner. Taste the average fin and see if there are any on the hands of salt. Another important rule: before you buy fish, you need to pierce with a knife. Unpleasant odor will be given a stale product once or twice
Chonishvili pamper yourself with chehon? Thin, thin fish similar to arrowheads, — your option
— Chehon — the bony and lean fish on our counter, — says Lyudmila. But she has so many fans. Not all buyers love fat. But a narrow fish with the dried crumbly caviar under the foam we take great pleasure in. In autumn fish caviar will not find. But it will be the most delicious and most fattening. Look at her side. Red? Most likely, your chehon has long been waiting for his master. However, in this rule there are exceptions. Easy reginka may appear due to the fact that the fish is very oily
Fans of these heroes, which will be an ornament to any table, the sellers of fish I suggest you look to the don or Tsimlyanskiy crunches. Under bright light, this meat and fatty fish is illuminated, as if under x — ray machine… you can See every major bone
To confuse bream other fish it is almost impossible, — assured the sellers from the Central market. — It is larger and much fatter vimba. Here’s a few signs for those who are not versed in fish and is afraid to make a wrong choice: broad and round. With red eyes. Astrakhan breams lean. But their “colleagues” caught in the don or at Simleu, much fatter, tastier and more aromatic. The price of this product depends on the quality. Low price tags should alert the buyer. If the yellow and oak — and someone who likes and such, we give it cheaper. New and bright and buy expensive, and sell

Senetleri a bluish tinge and small scales will immediately be given a fish since even on the busiest counter
— Little blue fish — Zope. It’s simple — smile sellers. If it turned yellow, then provarla inside. By the way, the back is she still thinner than the sabrefish. But connoisseurs of lean fish have. And a lot of them. To fish as long as possible retained their freshness, it should be stored at temperature from +2 to +6 degrees. Going to leave it for a few months? Better put in the refrigerator. And no Newspapers. All the goods we are wrapped in special wrapping paper or parchment, and only then put in a bag
Vallone less in demand in Volgograd and Astrakhan enjoys guest. Per kilogram of dried roach fish fans are willing to shell out not less than 500 rubles
Astrakhan roach and don roach is one kind of fish — sharing secrets Volgograd specialists. — The one that Malcolm slipped into the salted waters of the Caspian sea, is the roach. Because of different nutrition, they differ in taste. Roach wider in the body and more fatty fish. Unlike roaches she has grey fins and tail

Sabaniroo pastimes with sloping sides could be confused with a small bream. But about the differences between the two fish Amateurs will tell you, even the price: don the giant will cost much more expensive
— Zaban also oily fish. Look at the counter: it even flows — shows the employee of the Central market. — Before you buy a fish, look at its gills. They must be a lot of salt. In my experience I can say that is too salty, the fish do not buy one

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