The “Caesar” salad: recipe with chicken fillet and Parmesan

The Caesar salad at home — a traditional tasty dish for the holiday table
There are many options for cooking salad “Caesar”, but it is always tasty and original with a distinctive sauce, as well as constant ingredients: chicken, Parmesan cheese and white crackers

Today OUR WEBSITE offers you to prepare a Caesar salad classic recipe
Salad “Caesar” with chicken — ingredients:for the salad:300 g chicken,100 g of cheese,2 slices white bread,1 bunch lettuce,1 clove of garlic 20 ml olive oil,ground black pepper, to taste,salt to taste
for the sauce:1 egg yolk,10 g anchovies,0,5 teaspoon mustard,30 ml of olive oil,1 teaspoon lemon juice,50 g Parmesan cheese,ground black pepper, to taste,salt to taste

Salad “Caesar” with chicken recipe:bread take off the crust and cut it into small cubes
Grind the garlic and sauté it for 2 minutes in hot olive oil
Chicken fillet cut into small pieces, salt, pepper and add to the pan
Sauté the chicken, turning, for 10 minutes
Take off from the pan the chicken and into the pan add more oil and fry the bread, stirring constantly, until Golden brown

Prepare the sauce “Caesar”salad
Grind the anchovies
RUB on a small grater Parmesan
Combine egg yolk, olive oil, mustard, lemon juice, anchovies, Parmesan cheese and thoroughly blend all the ingredients
Lettuce wash, dry, and tear medium pieces
Put it on a salad chicken, pour a little sauce, top with Parmesan RUB

Add croutons in the Caesar salad just before serving so that they are not softened
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