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Than rice for Uzbek plov differs from the usual

For most people, rice is characterized mainly visual signs — long and short, white, red or brown, round and elongated. However, many varieties are not suitable to prepare the famous, delicious and fragrant Uzbek plov. Like to cook authentic risotto requires a special figure having the properties that are outlined in his cookbook K. Makhmudov
Classic “Uzbek cuisine” provides a brief guide to choosing rice for a perfect Eastern pilaf:you Should only choose a rice that will not crumble and break down in the cooking process
It is extremely important water and syropalestine to the risotto turned out crumbly and moderately thick
The rice should not be sticky, so the best varieties for risotto are subject to soaking and rinsing
For a tasty pilaf need svejeispechennyi rice, as after storage it loses a positive taste properties

Preference is given to long, large rice, although there are round, oval varieties, good suitable for East pilaf
According to the author, the best rice to popular Uzbek dishes is the local elite varieties Devzira –a large, long, with a pronounced ribbing and a red tint because of the rice powder of red-brown color and remnants of shells. This recognized the king of rice, which is kept in the bins over the years, as an expensive brand of cognac, in a special balance of temperature and humidity. Oblong transparent grain amber meet all these requirements, crunch the handful of, a thousand grains of rice have a standard weight of about 35 g
Despite perfect compliance with specifications, grind the cereal in his hands to release the powder and be sure a long soak in salted cold water
Professional cooks prefer best subspecies desire, the flagship of the Uzbek rice, the most expensive and famous varieties:Karakol-TERIK the whole of it falls under the description of the ideal varieties of rice;Dastar is saryk — figure in the long process of aging in the shadows in Neopolitan the form becomes amber color, with particular flavor and odor;Chungara — brand white rice oblong shape, it absorbs water and little fat, so considered easy, diet;Bark-koltak — dark variety with a brownish stripe on each rice grain refers to long-term sustained elite classes with excellent water and grease ability
A good Uzbek plov made of beautiful, identical, whole rice from the same batch. Do not mix cereal, even one, the very best varieties, which are bought in different circumstances — the figure visually looks the same, but the difference of a few minutes of cooking can be devastating for a perfect cooking result
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