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    There is also a restaurant with dishes of the last sentenced to death

    Photo: Shutterstock In Japan, there is a restaurant, which for two weeks served dishes that sentenced to death prisoners are selected for the last meal. This publication reports the New York Post. A restaurant called “Ningen”, which translates as “Human restaurant”, was opened in the “red light district”. Among the menu items were especially popular three choices of meal. The first set — a hamburger, hard-boiled eggs, baked potatoes and three shots of whiskey — picked and eaten before the execution the murderer and robber Gary mark Gilmore (Gary Mark Gilmore), who became the first criminal executed in the United States after the lifting of the moratorium on the death…

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    MILK — there is a choice!

    Is there and quality is the issue! With such a variety of choice in how not to buy a fake or counterfeit is and explain the experts of the Association “Yenisei standard” First about the benefits. Another I. P. Pavlov believed milk “amazing prepared food produced by nature.” More than 100 components, including 20 amino acids and almost all trace elements, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, and many others. And of course proteins and fats that not only provide energy to the cells of the body, but also have a positive effect on the immune system read more

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    In Bashkiria there is a shortage of cabbage, beets, carrots and onions

    Bashkiria provides itself with vegetables grown in the region, at 64%. The deficit is 206 thousand tons. These data were made on 4 October at the final meeting on vegetable and fruit growing, held in the Ministry of agriculture of Bashkiria According to the Deputy Minister of agriculture Irika Surakova, for the production of vegetables Bashkortostan in the country takes the 3rd place in the Volga Federal district — 3. If cucumbers and tomatoes, the region itself completely provides, then such vegetables as cabbage, beets, carrots, onions not enough As for fruits and berries, year all categories of farms of the Republic are grown 47 thousand tons. This volume does…

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    There was a video of a failed cooking show at a Turkish restaurant, where the injured tourists

    The network published the footage of the incident, which occurred recently in a popular Istanbul restaurant Nusr-Et chef of Nusret Gokce nicknamed Salt Bae, who became famous thanks to the special artistry in cooking meat dishes On the record made by one of the visitors, is seen as the bartender poured a flammable liquid from the canister into the flame, burning in a ditch located along the bar After that the situation got out of control and the fire spread to the visitors, watched a fire show Meat sushi 🍣 #saltbae pic.twitter.com/HteI6bENg1— Nusret #saltbae (@nusr_ett) 23 Sep 2018 In the result of emergency injured several people, the most serious injuries,…

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    In the country there is a place and the pesto!

    Ready sostrata say that my sauce is a variation on this theme. But it is delicious, fresh, fragrant and, of course, a home))Basil this year born only purple so the color is different, but the taste is not affected! And I absolutely can not pine nuts unfortunately. Allergies (( Here they found a good replacement in the form of pumpkin seeds The sauce is prepared for the future, so cheese is not added. Without cheese can’t — then you can, of course, to put in, but my everyone likes this option Just in blender, mix Basil leaves, mint leaves, two cloves of garlic, pumpkin seeds. Season with a little salt.…

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    What happens if there is honey every day

    Honey has long been recognized as one of the most useful for our body products. The high content of essential enzymes and the ability of honey to slow the aging process gave him the title superfood — we start to go back to the principles of nutrition, which are professed by our ancestors. That’s what happens to your body if you start using honey on a daily basis Soderjaniem will be sisepuede mesaurement blood sugar:Heart zabolevaniyami, maximiana sistemako will be chiseled is a natural antioxidant, meaning it helps to rid the body of excess toxins. Due to the antibacterial properties of honey can make your skin cleaner than it’s ever…