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    What products will help to quit Smoking

    Malacopol glass of milk from cigarettes appears a nasty taste: no fun! Take it on Board and will run on a smoke break where regisitration sour taste does not cause desire to smoke, and thus, cravings for a cigarette will remove a tangerine or a slice of lemon. There is another important advantage of these fruits: they include a large number of vitamin C, which is in the body of a smoker always a deficit (nicotine destroys it) Bananas they’re high in vitamin B6, one of whose duties is to protect our lungs from cancer. The second task of the vitamin involved in the synthesis happy hormone serotonin. And good…

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    Hot Smoking mackerel. Minimal harm

    In this video I offer my method for smoked mackerel etc. and fish on furnace complex. On the furnace to smoke fish is more beneficial to health than primitive iron Smoking boxes. As fat from fish and meat scapegoat not on the hot baking sheet, with the release of benzpyrene, and the bricks do not get hot like metal to high temperatures. Here are the recipe for wet salting. With such an Ambassador of the taste of fish becomes very spicy and soft. Ingredients for “Hot Smoking mackerel. Minimal harm to health”: read more

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    Spicy mackerel by “cold Smoking”

    Mackerel is a very tasty and healthy fish! Her roasted, salted, and smoked! Here are the smoked… the Purchase is most often treated with liquid smoke, which is highly carcinogenic! Home mini-smokehouse still not all settled down! But smoked mackerel… I want to Offering You my way of cooking mackerel. It 1 1 is similar to the mackerel. I admit that the smoked flavor is not very intense… as if slightly prokopchennye, but very tasty! I’ve added prunes and smoked fish was 100% cold smoked, but then it dawned on me that the plum-also smoked with liquid smoke and so I share with You with absolutely no carcinogenic method of…