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    There is also a restaurant with dishes of the last sentenced to death

    Photo: Shutterstock In Japan, there is a restaurant, which for two weeks served dishes that sentenced to death prisoners are selected for the last meal. This publication reports the New York Post. A restaurant called “Ningen”, which translates as “Human restaurant”, was opened in the “red light district”. Among the menu items were especially popular three choices of meal. The first set — a hamburger, hard-boiled eggs, baked potatoes and three shots of whiskey — picked and eaten before the execution the murderer and robber Gary mark Gilmore (Gary Mark Gilmore), who became the first criminal executed in the United States after the lifting of the moratorium on the death…

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    On Bolshaya Yakimanka street opened a restaurant of contemporary Russian cuisine “Copernicus”

    In the historical center of Moscow at Bolshaya Yakimanka street, a few steps from the new Tretyakov gallery and Park of arts “Muzeon” opened the modern Russian cuisine restaurant “Copernicus” The proximity of two major museums with a rich collection of Russian avant-garde and the fact that the restaurant is located in the centre of a modern and dynamically developing metropolis, could not fail to affect the concept of the cuisine of the new restaurant, to determine which words such as: rethinking, updating, diversity, with one common meaning — the Russian character, writes the “restaurant Rating” read more

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    Vinoteka “Simple things” and the restaurant CHEESE Connection go on tour to each other

    Vinoteka “Simple things” goes on tour in the restaurant with its own cheese CHEESE Connection. Both projects are included in restaurant holding Irina Chodzinski — “Simple things”. At this time, the CHEESE Connection will appear on the top hits from “Simple things” — wine and food The wine touring wine 100 positions. Half of them can be ordered by the glass. Starting with Nero d” Avola for 280 rubles. and ending Petit Chablis for 720 rubles per glass. On Wednesdays from the main wine list will choose 3 different wines and sell them with 50% discount read more

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    Novoslobodskaya opened restaurant “the Smokehouse” with a heart under the ceiling

    The owner of clay cafe “bits” and the quest café “Pieces” Maxim Goryachev from the covers near Mendeleevskaya new cafe “Smoker” with its own damp-Varna and pulsating under the ceiling heart Owner of clay cafe “bits” and the quest café “Pieces” Maxim Goryachev from the covers near Mendeleevskaya new cafe “Smoker” with its own damp-Varna and the pulsing from the ceiling heart “Under the ceiling will set a unique element of interior — the heart of the restaurant, which will beat at the rhythm of the human pulse. The mezzanine and the second floor will be decorated in the form of cheese. Climbing the stairs, the guest seemed to be…

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    She has seen in the dish of an Italian restaurant sexual innuendo. Her reaction caused a lot of issues

    Russian PR girl Anastasia Shvetsova recently visited a Michelin star restaurant in Italy. Waiting for gastronomic pleasures, the girl ordered the fish on a bed of zucchini. The dish really was able to impress the Muscovite, and bright reaction to it made the girl famous. Glory was mixed Experiences from Michelin-starred meals Shvetsova has shared on his page in social network Facebook. When the record appears ambiguous comments, piarschitsa deleted the post. Soon he published the telegram-channel “Ruthless PR man” read more

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    In Milan restaurant customers are suggested to pay with likes from Instagram

    This original idea belongs to two brothers, natives of Northern Italy Padua Matteo and Tommaso Pittarello. Young entrepreneurs invited the Milanese absolute novelty — the visitor of a Japanese restaurant This is not a sushi bar (“This is not a sushi bar”) may rely on one or several free of Japanese dishes depending on the number of likes in one of the most influential of today’s social networks A customer orders the dish, and immediately, without leaving your Desk, publishes his photo in Instagram with the official hashtag of the institution. Then, if the publication will appeal to subscribers, the visitor will be presented with one dish or the whole…

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    “Goodbye, Tsukiji!”: the restaurant “Totoro” happy food festival

    From 11 October to 3 November at the Japanese restaurant “Totoro”, a festival dedicated to the fish market in Tokyo. In connection with the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, the Tsukiji wholesale market completes its 83-year history and closed in October 2018. From October 11 to November 3, guests of the restaurant will have the opportunity last time to taste fresh delicacies delivered directly from Tsukiji, as well as the first to assess the quality of fish from the new market in Toyosu The festival program will be updated every week. From 11 to 17 October will be dedicated to the dishes of tuna from Tsukiji market, guests can try more…

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    In the restaurant: herring in Russian, Finnish and Swedish

    October 7 in Finland will start the annual Festival of the herring. On the Market square of Helsinki will open a large fish market where you can buy herring this year’s last catch and to try a variety of snacks from her. Salted, pickled, canned in dozens of different sauces — some herring out there! The herring festival has long been an important event, because it was a major transaction and determined the price of salted and marinated fish throughout Finland The first, second, treesand popular not only in Finland and not only in Russia, where without it I can not do any festive meal. This fish is in great…

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    In the restaurant: the Top 5 unusual dishes with rice

    The “MIR” TV channel this Sunday, October 7, to arrange in Moscow “delicious” feast on the occasion of his 26th year. Renowned chef, host of cooking show “in the restaurant” Alexander Zhurkin cook pilaf is a national dish for many peoples of the Commonwealth. Moreover, in the author’s performance — from the goose and spelt. On Tverskaya square will establish a 100-liter cauldron. Within a two-hour master class Zhurkin will share cooking lifehacks with everyone. He will show and tell you how to cook fragrant pilaf goose, and treat them to holiday guests. Everyone who came also in for the photo zone, exciting contests and gifts. The celebration starts at…

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    Only cheese and Ponte: Stas Sokolov tested the new restaurant, which is not there

    Restauratoriai Novikov (if you don’t know) — is a Moscow Denis Ivanov. At least this way (only in reverse) the action is still present in the capital. Novikov lot of projects in different niches and the long-term reputation of the most fashionable and successful restaurateur. And, of course, the endless complaints about the expensive, show-off and the ability to make the audience pay more for the same thing, you can order over there around the corner Actually, this similarity can be felt as soon as you enter the room. Because the man who more or less versed in Novosibirsk the restaurant world by going to “Cheese” by accident, most likely…